Wrinkles, acne, skin imperfections


Abrasion by laser



Surgical time:

20 min / 1 hour

Postoperative clinical checks at:

1 month check and photo, from here it is sunny with protective cream
6 months and 1 year

The laser is a ray of high-energy light that can carry the same energy at the level of the tissues we want to treat. The use of lasers in the field of aesthetic medicine has allowed to effectively treat skin blemishes with an alternative means compared to more traditional techniques such as chemical peeling and dermabrasion, ensuring a low incidence of side effects, the predictability of the result and the restoring the epidermal tone and the compactness of the facial contours, even in more fragile and risk-wrinkled areas.

The Laser Fraxel targeted on skin irregularities, allows a careful removal of superficial tissues without an appreciable thermal effect of the deep tissues allowing an aesthetic recovery in a short time. The laser fraxel is a treatment that produces thousands of columns of micro-thermal treatment and has the function of stimulating a real regenerative process of the skin. The healing of the tissue affected by the laser, in fact, determines a complete regeneration that provides for the replacement of the old tissue with the new healthier and more elastic.

The treatment is performed under local anesthesia with or without sedation, on an outpatient basis or under a Day-Hospital, depending on the case, within a structure authorized to carry out a surgical operation. Following treatment, a redness and a slight swelling with a dry skin sensation will appear on the skin, which will be protected with a sunscreen 30 for about 2-3 months.

To obtain an appreciable result with the Fraxel laser it is necessary to undergo 8-10 sessions depending on the pathology to be treated .



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