Inside and Prof. Dario Bertossi

Inside and Prof. 
Dario Bertossi

Inside and Prof. Dario Bertossi aim to promote scientific progress and develop applications of surgical and/or rehabilitative treatments in the field of maxillo-facial surgery and medical field.

It aims to encourage and carry out the activities of promotion, training and continuous professional development (in line with the ECM system prepared by the Ministry of Health and the Regions), study and research in the field of oral and / or maxillofacial surgery carried out in Italy and abroad, based on the individual experiences gained by the members or by other institutions or scholars, who are associated, even temporarily, with the activities of the company itself.

Inside may carry out any operation and prepare any activity deemed appropriate for the achievement of the corporate purpose, and for the pursuit of its purposes, such as:

carry out consultancy work with government institutions, in particular the Ministry of Education, University and Research, the Ministry of Health and other Ministries and public and / or private institutions for the purpose of healthcare, training , new technologies, etc;

plan, prepare, execute and manage individual training projects for universities and / or hospitals or in collaboration with them, for the National Health Service (Law December 23, 1978, No. 833), for foreign countries, including particular the countries of the European Union (EU), developing countries, and Eastern European countries;

organize theoretical and practical refresher courses, training and improvement activities;

organize seminars, congresses, conventions, meetings, study days, conferences;

study and implement residential and distance training projects, study and implement projects and services in the field

health, informational, educational training, etc (computer networks, counseling, data transmission, information, reservations, etc.);

participate in Consortia, Cooperatives, Foundations, Publishers and Research Companies, training and services related to the activity carried out;

coordinating its activities, including through the establishment of Consortia, Cooperatives, Foundations, Publishing Houses and Research Companies, training and services related to the activity carried out or the signing of agreements, with the University’s teaching and research programs (Article 92 of Presidential Decree 11 July 1980, No. 382, ​​Article 8 of 19 November 1990 No. 341) and other bodies, including providing them with their offices, equipment and educational facilities;

to promote agreements with companies for scientific and technical updating;

to promote, also through the granting of scholarships and prizes, study stays at qualified research and training institutions;

to maintain contacts with organizations, institutes, associations, organizations and companies having similar or similar purposes;

to disseminate the results of the study activity, of scientific research with articles, monographs, studies and through periodicals and “mass media”;

carrying out and / or curing the publication of studies, research, scientific texts, books, deeds, monographs, magazines, manuals, videos, slides and other teaching aids, either directly or by making use of professional services of third parties;

take care of the promotion, management and organization of research, such as multicentric cooperative research, clinical trials, epidemiological registers, databases, in collaboration with experts, researchers and / or public or private centers and the development of guidelines in collaboration with public and private institutions and scientific bodies appointed to this activity;

study and activate innovative methodologies and forms of interventions, to offer an advanced scientific service;

provide funds for research, scholarships and prizes, reserving the ownership – even partial – of research in relation to funds provided. The Association can accomplish the purposes indicated above (letter a – q) either by operating directly or by operating under a convention or association with public or private companies or organizations that pursue similar or convergent institutional goals, whether using third parties.