May 30, 2019

Summer is coming! SOS Beauty

Summer is approaching, we will be more exposed to sunlight and, as you know, a suntan can be an ally for our beauty but also accelerate the aging process.Is there a way to counteract the damage caused by the sun?

Aesthetic medicine offers some treatments that can significantly improve the quality of the skin, not only reducing or eliminating existing wrinkles but also preventing the formation of new ones.

Modern aesthetic medicine allows treatments that are less invasive than in the past, which can also be carried out during the summer season and close to your departure for your holidays.

In particular, botulinum toxin, more commonly known as “botox”, temporarily relaxes the facial muscles, i.e. the muscles that contract and cause the formation of the deepest or most superficial expression lines on the forehead area and in the periocular area, where, they are commonly called “crow’s feet”.

The increase in light in the summer season certainly increases the contraction of these muscles. Just think that in very strong light, as in the summer season, we are more like lyto frequently half-close our eyes. This action, together with increased dehydration of the skin and exposure to the sun, considerably increases the risk of the formation of wrinkles.

Botulinum toxin can therefore be a valuable ally for our beauty, preventing and significantly reducing wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes.Another valuable aid for our skin is certainly hyaluronic acid, i.e. a macro molecule of polysaccharides (sugars) naturally present in our body, which has the ability to incorporate and retain large amounts of water, thus acting as a glue and bonding agent for the skin and keeping skin tissue hydrated at all times.

During childhood and when young, the body produces a large amount of it, but this tends to slowly diminish over the years. Just think of the compactness, fullness and elasticity of a child’s skin and the wrinkles, slackness and emptying of the skin of an elderly person.

The gradual reduction in the production of hyaluronic acid our body produces can be offset by injections of this substance, which have the dual function of eliminating existing wrinkles on the face, by filling them in and restoring compactness, fullness and elasticity when applied to areas such as the cheeks, cheekbones or temples.

The strong moisturizing action of hyaluronic acid is therefore certainly even more useful in the summer season, when skin dehydration caused by the heat and exposure to the sun is greater than in winter, thus preventing the appearance of new signs of the times while preventing further accentuation of existing wrinkles after exposure to the sun.

Finally, with the summer season approaching, our skin can benefit from Fraxel laser treatment, which is safe and only minimally invasive. It is useful, among other things, for gradually eliminating the signs of ageing and damage produced by exposure to the sun while improving the tone and structure of the skin in the facial areas, neckline, hands and many other parts of the body.This method produces thousands of columns of microthermal treatment stimulating a regenerative process, followed by a series of actions that guarantee the healing of the tissue it replaces, literally the old with the new, which is healthier and more elastic.The result will be skin that looks younger, healthier and more radiant.This treatment can be carried out up to one month before exposure to the sun.Thanks to these treatments, the sun will no longer be your enemy but a valuable ally of your health and beauty.