Fan-shaped ears with or without shape defects


Incisions behind the auricle with skin removal and cartilage remodeling. or remodeling without large incisions


Local with sedation

Surgical time:

40 minutes / 2 hours

Postoperative clinical checks at:

3 gg with bandage removal. from this moment it is possible to make-up by now night wrapping
10 gg: suture removal
1 month check and photo, from here it is sunny with protective cream. Stop night band
6 months check and photo

The malformation of the auricle is due to a hypertrophy of the hollow both caused by the lack of the fold of the antelix (these alterations may in some cases appear associated) is an anatomical defect that can determine psychological issues. Morphological ear correction, technically called Otoplasty, may therefore involve either a conspicuous asymmetry of the ears, which appear prominent, or the reconstruction of the antelix the folded edge of the ear, which, in this case, appears to have an altered shape. The prominent ear finds its etiological cause in the excessive development of the concave cartilage which is followed by a gradual flattening of the antelix. The resolution of these defects occurs in a single operating session, where the excess ear cartilage is removed and the natural fold of the ear is reconstructed. The intervention takes place mostly in children between the ages of 4 and 14. The ears reach their final size within 4 years, so before the intervention is addressed the less the child suffers from psychological problems. Otoplasty is logically possible even in adults, without the risk of additional risks

How to do it
The surgeon can decide to sleep the little patient with a total anesthesia to avoid unnecessary traumas. Generally the intervention lasts from 1 to 3 hours. There is the possibility of making a small preauricular incision and reshaping the cartilages by means of minute abrasive diamond rasps.



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