Increase or reduction of the chin


Incisions inside the upper and lower porch. Alternatively, sub-mental incision


Local with sedation

Surgical time:

30 min / 1.5 hours

Postoperative clinical checks at:

3 gg
10 gg suture removal
1 month check and photo, from here it is sunny with protective cream
6 months and 1year check and photos

The face both in front and in profile assumes a character of “weakness” or greater “strength” depending on the size and projection and shape of the chin. Often interventions in other areas of the face are combined with correction of the chin. The correction of the chin profile (genioplasty), in the cases of a receding chin due to insufficient development, is performed through the use of inert or biocompatible prostheses, which are introduced, through a small incision on the inner mucosa of the lower lip, into a pocket specially created between the muscle and the chin bone. The alternative consists of an osteotomy of the bone which is repositioned and fixed with titanium plates and screws. The postoperative course of genioplasty, which involves a slight swelling and a reduced insensitivity of the area for a couple of weeks, does not involve considerable precautions, if not a semi-liquid diet to facilitate the rapid healing of the wound. A semi-liquid diet, in the first period of the post-operative course of genioplasty, promotes a rapid healing of the wound. Complications are rare.



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