Frontal and supraciliary lifting


Elevation of the supraciliary arches, elimination of wrinkles on the forehead


Incisions in the scalp or eyebrows


Local with sedation

Surgical time:

20 min / 2 hours

Postoperative clinical checks at:

3days-10 days (removal of sutures)
1 month check and photo, from here it is sunny with protective cream
6 months and 1year check and photos

Frontal and supraciliary lifting
The effects of aging are inevitable and while the skin loses its elasticity, due to genetics and enviromental factors that act on the forehead creating wrinkles and a ptosis of the area of ​​the eyebrows. This problem usually occurs in the age group between 35 and 65 years and can be sensibly corrected through the frontal lifting or the supraciliary arches applied with various methods and performed with a less invasive surgical technique. In fact, through these, direct maneuvers are performed or by endoscopy, reducing invasiveness. Very often, to enhance the rejuvenating effect, this surgery is associated with the blepharoplasty. Postoperative discomfort may persist for 10-15 days in which it is possible to feel a modest pain in the area of ​​the incisions which is progressively decreasing


Frontal and supraciliary lifting

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