Cheekbone surgery


Increase of the volume of the cheekbones


Incisions inside the upper vestibule


Local with sedation

Surgical time:

30 min / 1.5 hours

Postoperative clinical checks:

3 gg
10 gg suture removal
1 month check and photo, from here it is sunny with protective cream
6 months and 1 year check and photos

Cheekbone surgery
The malar area (“zygoma”) is a fundamental point of the facial structure. A possible deficiency or hypotrophy of the zygomatic zone may constitute an aesthetic defect that can be a cause of acceleration of the aging of the tissues which, lacking adequate support, are yielding more quickly. This deficiency, where cosmetic medicine treatments are not sufficient, can be corrected by the intervention of zygomatic-malarial-plastic additive or cheek surgery, which using the insertion of prostheses in hydroxyapatite or silicone, aims at a morphological and quantitative correction of the deficit.

Operating technique
The prostheses introduced in the intervention of profiloplasty, whose exact position must be identified in the pre-operative phase on the patient in an orthostatic position, are placed in the appropriate pocket which, properly created by the expert hand of the surgeon, must be perfectly adequate to the size and shape of the chosen material. The surgery, which is performed under Day Clinic under local anesthesia with sedation, can be performed, where the clinical case makes it necessary, concurrently with a face lift or a mini-facelift. In some cases, especially if the access route is the sub-conciliatory, it is necessary to associate techniques of support for the lower eyelid, including, for example, the cantopexy. The operative course is short. After the surgery, which is resolved with a bilateral compressive dressing to be held for a couple of days, a mild edema of the treated area may remain for a few days. Any stitches will be removed on an outpatient basis after approximately 5-7 days.

Cheekbone surgery

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