Bags and folds under palpebral and excess skin


Incisions on natural folds with removal of excess fat, muscle and skin


Local with sedation

Surgical time:

40 minutes / 2 hours


After the procedure, ice is applied and for a week the treated area is cleaned carefully, moisturizing eye drops

Clinical checks foreseen at:

6 days with suture removal. from this moment, make-up is possible
10 days: control and return to normal social relationships
1 month check and photo, from here it is sunny with protective cream
6 months check and photos

Both the excess of skin of the upper and / or lower eyelids and the adipose bags or the excess of muscular tissue, which alter the profile of the periorbital region, are susceptible to surgical correction through the intervention of blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery. This procedure cannot change dark circles, fine lines and expression lines around the eyes, which are corrected by combining other procedures with blepharoplasty.

Upper blepharoplasty
This surgical approach aims at correcting the excess of skin present on the upper eyelid, which, in addition to a tired look, can partially limit the visual field, giving rise to an evident functional discomfort. It is possible, whenever needed, to lift the canthal insertion, that is the lateral end of the eye, with a surgical procedure complementary to the surgery of the upper eyelid, called canthopexy, in order to obtain a visible improvement clinical of the expressiveness of the eyes.

Transconjunctival blepharoplasty
This particular surgical method is aimed at eliminating the swelling due to the presence of the eyelid bags in those young patients in whom the visible defect appears to be constitutional and usually does not have excess palpebral skin.

Blepharoplasty associated with under-oval facelift
This intervention finds its own elective indication in the rejuvenation of the middle third of the face, as it not only eliminates the bags and excess skin from the lower eyelids, but tends to relax again the sub-oval anatomical region giving greater brightness to the zygomatic region.Indications: bags and folds under palpebral and excess skin.



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