Bichat fat pad removal


intervention to rejuvenate and reshape the face by removing excess adipose tissue


surgical removal


local anesthesia and / or sedation

Treatment time:

45 minutes

Post-operative clinical controls to:

7 days check up and photos
10 days check up and photos
20 days check up and photos

The Bichat fat pads are accumulations of adipose tissue more or less relevant, covered by a thin membrane that starts from the area of the temples to reach the mandibular area. This concentration of fat is evident on the cheeks due to the loss of tone of the skin of the face and elasticity of the tissues, due to the normal aging process.

It can also happen that the Bichat fat pads are derived from a hereditary factor, or are present for a particular genetic predisposition. In both cases, the main motivation for which you want to eliminate them is due to the fact that they contribute to the lack of definition of the contours of the face, to give the face a decadent, little tonic look.

By removing the Bichat fat pads removal the face is reshaped, the contours are redefined, the cheekbones and mandibular lines stand out, giving the face itself a more symmetrical, harmonious and younger look.

Bichectomy – Surgical indications
The goal is to rejuvenate and reshape the face as a whole by surgical removal of excess fatty tissues. The incision is made inside the mouth, therefore the Bichectomy does not present visible and unsightly external scars.
The operation, which lasts about 45 minutes, is performed under local anesthesia and / or sedation.
In general, it is recalled that in the post-operative course, in order to minimize the occurrence of complications, it is essential to scrupulously follow all the provisions of the specialist, among whom to regularly take the prescribed home antibiotic therapy, place ice on the cheeks and do not eat too hot or cold. Normal daily activities can be resumed the day after the Bichectomy operation.
Appreciable and definitive results will be obtained after about two to three months from the intervention.


Bichat fat pad removal

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