Trust us to unleash your beauty and transform your problems into memories.



For over 30 years, Professor Dario Bertossi has been accompanying patients along a path of rebirth to help them improve their life and regain lost confidence thanks to facial plastic surgery and maxillo-facial surgery.


The post-treatment period requires calmness and serenity. We therefore select hospitality facilities for our clients where they can spend their days convalescing and be protected by a safe environment with all comforts.


Patient care begins with the journey to our health facilities. We use a reliable and discreet transport service to prevent patients from worrying about having to make their own transport arrangements.

Skin care

We offer high-quality scientific products for skin care, suitable for all types of medical-aesthetic or surgical services, for the pre-treatment phase and in the immediate follow-up period.


Having facial plastic surgery means imagining oneself in the future. That is why we offer our patients an elitist service: a work of art by artists such as Jacques Le Nantec, Simona Ragazzi and Eddy Bogaert, which represents their vision of the face to be transformed.

Non-surgical Treatments

Our team is specialized in filler, botox, PRP, coolsculpting and laser treatments for facial rejuvenation and tattoo removal.